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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How Girls Squirt - Make her have a squirting orgasm when she cums!

Want to make her Squirt? The question i get asked most is  How Can i make my GF squirt? Or how do i make myself squirt? Well it's a lot easier then you would think. But it takes Practice Squirting orgasms are completely natural and safe. Don't wory girls You can learn to squirt now. After you read this guide. When you make a girl squirt when she cums she will never forget

Squirting orgasm

How to squirt for girls

OK, so tons of girls have messaged me asking how they can squirt when they masturbate. Rather than flood (haha) your dashes with a zillion replies, I thought I’d just try writing this one thing.
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So first of all, I’m not a world expert. I’ve had about a zillion orgasms, but I’ve only squirted maybe-20 times tops. (Though it’s happening more often…) And I only know about my own body. But anyway.
For me it often happens if I force myself to keep going after I’ve come the first time and have some more orgasms… it’s like my body is more prepared the second or third time around. Lots of girls can do it the first time, though, so maybe don’t worry about that.
Some girls can squirt just from rubbing their clit but I think penetration super-helps. This is where you’re aiming for…
Obviously cos you’re you and not someone else it’s kinda harder to get the angle right.
(I’ve read lots of girls say that they’ve only squirted with a partner but they can’t do it to themselves, so maybe you’ll end up discovering it that way!) But it’s basically like this I guess:
SQUIRT! You know…. deeper. I guess if you’re not used to penetration it’ll definitely take some getting used to, but I’m gonna guess you are. Although, totally rub your clit too!
want her to squirt for real? You better actually go kinda hard and fast…
Another thing that helps is if you tilt your hips a bit, so your knees are closer to your chest, kinda helps with the angle :)
Anyway, you’ll start getting this “I need to pee” sensation. But anytime you get that, that’s just your body making, uh, whatever it’s made out of, and it wanting to come out. So just keep going, and when it gets really intense, stop pressing with your fingers and rather than try and hold back, just push out instead. (It’s kind of weird to do the first time, I know.) If that doesn’t work, go back to doing whatever you were doing until it’s even more intense :) You don’t always squirt at the exact same moment that you orgasm either.
make her squirt
If it helps, go pee beforehand. Or try doing it in the bathtub. Anyway it’s totally normal to kind of psyche-out about it… it took me a bunch of trying. Even now it’s still pretty random whether it happens or not. Also, it seems like some girls always squirt, some never ever do, some can but haven’t yet, some do sometimes, some only with other people, some only by themselves… so it’s no biggie.
Anyway, good luck, I hope you end up exhausted and with soaking wet sheets ;)
Also a certain someone submitted this video. Which is kind of… amazing.